btw while i’m on the subject, i made cottage pie the other day with no recipe at all and it went so well that i didn’t even stop to complain about it here. i’ve pretty much got a handle on all variations of “cook some ground turkey and then throw in a handful of vegetables”. i need variety though


irmavep11 replied to your post “i have FIFTY THOUSAND APPLES* and i know i said i was going to stop…”

I kind of love reading about your baking fiascos tbh

stay tuned

tomorrow or wednesday i’m making curry in a crockpot

i have never even eaten curry before and i have also never used my crockpot


protect wes gibbons at all costs




God damn it white people can we have one main character y’all don’t try to get rid of I mean shit he’s Dean Thomas

Who’s talking shit about Wes? Let’s end this now before it becomes a problem.

  • Ichabod: Katrina my love, I am here to save you. We must go.
  • Katrina: No my love, I must stay here to gather information, we have no other choice.
  • Ichabod:
  • Ichabod:
  • Ichabod:
  • Ichabod: Alright, if you insist.
  • Ichabod: *skips into the sunset with Abbie Mills*





You know what I love about this gifset?

Before this moment (1x20 “Fancy Brudgom”), we’d never actually seen much proof that Diaz could be a leader. She’s an excellent detective — smart, tough, strong, good instincts — and a good partner, but she’s not a leader. She’s intimidating and she doesn’t suffer fools well. Everyone would be terrified to have her in charge of them. So why would Captain Holt say this?

Because he is a great leader. Because a great leader not only uses the existing skills of their team but also identifies their potential. Because Captain Holt  knows Rosa will respond to his high expectations. I bet no one’s ever expected her to lead before. Given that she’s a woman of color in a white male-dominated work environment, her previous bosses would have been begrudging if not openly resentful of having her around.  Rosa says herself in this scene that she learned to be nasty to survive. Showing weakness (patience) wasn’t an option. But Holt doesn’t want her to just survive, he wants her to flourish. He’s waited decades for his command, and now he’s using his authority to pay it forward. Scolding her like this is a huge compliment.  He’s trusting that she’ll step up to the plate.

Sometimes Brooklyn Nine Nine feels a little bit like “The Jake Peralta Arrested Development Special”. I love Jake and his relationship with Captain Holt, but I hope that in Season Two there will be less of a focus on Jake’s emotional issues, because he’s certainly not the only one who’s got them. More scenes like this please, Michael Schur. Let us see how Diaz earns Holt’s high expectations. Let us see it for the rest of the precinct too.

#omg i need more of their relationship #everything the commenter said #but also #look at those last two gifs #it’s like spock having a conversation with spock #love it  

#i love the last bit the best #bc this is rosa being super duper emotional and apologetic #bc she is genuinely sorry that she disappointed holt #and holt knows bc he had to help her find a version of “i’m sorry” that sounded genuine #and this was too much emotion for the two of them

#i love his relationships with literally everyone on this show! #but most of all with rosa and amy and jake #because you can so clearly tell that he cares about them #that he’s invested in helping them become the best versions of themselves #with amy it’s about making her more confident in herself and not needing constant approval #with rosa it’s about helping her get in touch with her kindness because rosa /does/ care #she’s not dead inside she’s just not particularly emotional #and with jake he’s definitely his father figure #who helps guide him towards maturity without stifling the whimsy of him #RAY HOLT IS THE BEST ADULT IN ANYWHERE EVER

b99  gif warning  

You should really pay attention. You might learn something.



Hey! So, Coming Out Day is coming up soon (Oct. 11) and I just want to post a very stern reminder to NOT out anyone without their explicit permission.

Do NOT out anyone.

Got it?



The Trifecta: Primetime Women of Color (Legal Eagle Edition)

Jessica Pearson, managing partner of Pearson Specter law firm (Suits, 2011— )
Olivia Pope, head of Pope & Associates crisis management firm (Scandal, 2012— )
Annalise Keating, Criminal Law professor (How to Get Away with Murder, 2014— )


i have FIFTY THOUSAND APPLES* and i know i said i was going to stop baking with fruit because it tends to be disappointing but something has to be done this is outrageous

*i do not have fifty thousand apples